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Light gauge steel construction profile

Light steel structure activity room has superior features, because of its skeleton steel structure, so it has superior seismic anti-typhoon function, and the use of a long time. There are two kinds of steel structure: heavy steel structure and light steel structure. The activity rooms built using both are also referred to as steel-framed activity rooms and light steel-framed activity rooms, both of which are specific to the local environment, such as typhoons in the southeast coast or where natural disasters are severe Activity room, this structure is firm and stable, with superior anti-earthquake typhoon function, is currently widely used in mobile room office, disaster relief activities room, event room exhibition hall and other places.

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Changjia manufactured home builders

As a Chinese famous manufactured home builders,Changjia major in color light steel house、container house 、prefabricated house、modular houses 、steel plate、roofing system、sandwich panel、rockwool board、steel structure workshop and warehouse production and other services.

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