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Special performance of light steel villa small modern prefab homes

2018-02-15 01:20:41

Light steel villa, also known as light steel structure house, the main material is made of hot-dip galvanized steel strip by the cold-rolled technology, light steel keel, after accurate calculation with the support and combination of accessories, play a reasonable Carrying capacity to replace traditional houses.


Light steel villa compared to the traditional residential, has its outstanding advantages:

(1) light steel villas of light steel structure parts production factory and a high degree of mechanization, high degree of commercialization.
(2) Light steel villa construction site fast, will not affect the nearby residents conducive to civilized construction.
(3) The light steel villas' steel structure buildings are environmentally friendly and sustainable products.
(4) light steel villa light weight, good seismic performance.
(5) Comprehensive economic indicators of light steel villa is not higher than the reinforced concrete structure.
(6) Compared with brick house, light steel villa can avoid waste of resources
(7) light steel villas because of the light steel structure of the wall thickness is smaller than the brick structure can increase the effective use of the area;


(8) Compared with reinforced concrete residential buildings, light steel villas can be reused after being made of steel with light steel structure, but concrete can not be reused. It will certainly be construction waste afterwards, resulting in environmental stress. Concrete will take 40 years to fully dry , So likely to cause indoor moisture, moisture, is not conducive to human health. However, light steel structure completely without concrete, so there is no such problem.
(9) light steel house seismic performance. Due to the earthquakes activities of left and right and up and down activities, the light steel structure that is screwed together forms a safe and stable box, and does not collapse or collapse of the floor due to the shaking of the earthquake and endanger personal safety.
(10) Light steel villa construction using dry construction method, will not cause waste of water information. And save costs.