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Customized light steel villa light steel house construction

subversion of prefabrication concept traditional construction way 18% active area 18% more than tranditional architecture 7-8 the construction speed is 7~8 times faster than ordinary architecture the main materials of so-called "light steel villa" is made of lightage steel joist synthesized by hot-dip gavanized steel strip through cold rolling technology, precise calculations and support and combination of accessories play a reasoable bearing capacity, so as to replace traditional houses.

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This is the description of Customized light steel villa light steel house construction
Lead epoch-marking technological revolution of light steel villa declare the era of green products of light steel villa in the true sense.

Low-storey fabricated residence takes light steel structure as structure system. Compared with traditional wooden structure, such as masonry-timber strcture and brick-concrete structure, low-storey fa

bricated residence is wilh high-strength building, light self-weight. good seismic performance, high degree of industrialization, high construction qualilty, the lightest structure, the best ductility

and the shortest construction period It can adapt to different climatic conditions and atmospheric envlronment, can be reused, be with advantages, such as reducing constuction waste and environmental

pollution, etc, and build green high-quality houses which can breathe.

light steel villa
This is new model building form deriving form the North American super-light steel. The main oad-bearing structure uses cold-formed thin-walled steel with the thickness of only 0.8mm-1.6mm Therefore,
prefabricated metal home
we call it super-light steel residence.
lightweight steel buildings
Through the development for nearly 50 years, integrated building has reached higher level abroad. Today, integrated buiding has also been used widely in China. The simplicity, safety and innovation wi

ll be development direction of future integrated building. Compared with traditional building, integrated building has unparalleled advantages, standardized, modular and universal production being con

light steel frame
ducive to the rapid assembly, greatly reducing the construction period, simplifying steps for building houses and economizing on manpower and financial resources. Compared with traditlonal constructio
prefabricated steel structure
n way of reinforced concrete, the integrated building is an innovation, whose prefabrication concepl will subvert the traditional construction way and become the emerging development trend of future g


light steel structure frame
reen building.
steel frame building materials
Custom-made style, we accept customizing requirements


light steel villa



prefabricated metal home

lightweight steel buildingsLight steel frame of steel structure villa:

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