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New Generation lightweight steel buildings custom steel building homes

Quick Details Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland) Brand Name: ChangJia Model Number: Custom-made Material: Steel Use: Carport, Hotel, House, Office, Toilet Product name: Passive House Life Span: 70 years Anti-earthquake: 10 grade

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This is the description of New Generation lightweight steel buildings custom steel building homes
steel building home kits
steel building home kits
small prefabricated homes for sale
small prefabricated homes for sale
luxury custom modular homes
luxury custom modular homes


First, most people think light steel is not as durable as traditional building materials such as concrete, but according to data from the American Iron and Steel Institute's Design Guide, light steel

materials can be used for hundreds of thousands of years without problems. The specific reason is that the galvanized steel can form a cathodic protection against iron even in the case of a damaged zi
nc coating to prevent further corrosion.

Moreover, light steel houses are not popular in the country, but the phenomenon of the present stage, it will not be long before it will popularize. I really can not think of light steel does not fire

Sectional view of New Generation Passive House
reason. Vanke at a meeting once referred to a non-residential assembly fire is not a very important reason that many people have never thought of.
Sectional view of lightweight steel building
"The development of fabricated houses in China started in 1959. From the 1960s and 1970s, drawing on the experience of the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, the assembly-type houses


Sectional view of prefabricated villa
developed vigorously. By the late 1970s, the proportion of prefabricated buildings in Beijing had reached 30 %, Up to 50% in Shanghai. By the late 1980s, the assembly-type residential shrink substanti
Sectional view of light steel villa
ally, leaving people's attention.Because the large board room in the sixties and seventies in the use of features, structural safety there are many problems.At the same time due to urban transport And

the transport network is not perfect, cheap migrant workers replaced industrial workers, making the economic advantages of industrialized houses and assembly advantages have not been reflected.So by

the late 1980s in the field of housing construction has been substantially reduced, and in the future 20 In the middle of the year, there has not been any further development. "

Finally, China has already begun to promote light steel structure, and now is the time of turmoil. From the government departments, such as the Housing Industry Promotion Center, as well as domestic enterprises, such as Kitay Sun Building Materials, as well as private construction firms, are trying to promote. North New Building Materials Joint Nippon Steel Japan set up a new North Housing Corpora

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